Storyline 3 - Preview lagging behind audio and screen action

I'm finding that when previewing a screen in SL3, whether starting with a fresh file or one that has been converted from SL2, the preview is lagging behind the screen action. For example, if a screen item or CC (done for SL2 using markers for when to display text on-screen) should be showing at it's designated time, it is showing later than coded, or even not at all. However, when I publish the file it works as it should. Obviously this preview issue should not be happening, and I never saw this in SL2. Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks.

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Richard Chasin

Yes I can send a sample of a screen that has been causing these issues. The frustrating thing is that these issues are not consistent. Sometimes the preview works fine, and then the next time it lags and screen displays become out of sync with the narration. This does seem to occur more often after working on a file for the day, so I am wondering if repeated previews are building up a cache or causing the program to use up the allocated RAM. As I mentioned, the exact same file viewed in SL2 preview repeatedly does not cause any of these issues, even if I have both SL2 and SL3 running simultaneously on my pc.

This file is proprietary; how can I send it privately? Thank you.