Storyline 3 - Previewing content - blurred

Jun 29, 2017

Has anyone else upgraded to this new version and finding that when they preview a new project, the font on the slides is all blurry and hard to make out? After publishing the course, this does not happen and the font is crystal clear and sharp. However Preview mode while in storyline 3, does appear very different. Any help?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Megan and Dean,

Sorry for the blurriness you've encountered! Do you know if your Windows is set to scale above 100%? I know we've seen a few examples of that causing blurriness while previewing - but luckily as you noted it's just in preview.

We do have the issue reported to our team - so I can keep you posted here with any updates!

Katie Riggio

Welcome, Yang!

Sorry to hear that you and your teammate are at this roadblock as well. You're in the right place, and we'll keep this discussion updated with any changes to the scaling behavior for Storyline.

While we continue to investigate this behavior, our Support Engineers are happy to test different combinations with you if you'd like! Feel free to start a conversation with them here.  

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