Storyline 3 Print Results Page Name Not Showing on Mobile

I have developed a course using Storyline 3 for one of our clients. They are hosting the course on their web server and I have added a "Print Results" button on the results page so that their staff can print and send in their results when completed (taking a screenshot, or saving as a PDF).

I have selected the option for prompting the user for their name before printing. This function works fine when completing the course via a desktop or mobile device. However, on the actual printable results page, the name only shows up on the desktop, not on the mobile. All the other information is there, questions, score, course name etc., just the name is missing.

I have tested this on my Apple iphone and the client has on his Android. As I said, playing the course on the desktop is fine, the name displays with all the other information, it's just missing on the mobile.

I have republished the course with the latest Storyline update (just to be sure), but this same issue is there. I have also tested this using both Safari and Chrome on the mobile, and the name is still missing. 

Has anyone else experienced this? It's seems odd that the name would not display but all the other information is there. I'm suspecting it is a flash/HTML5 issue, but can't be certain and would love to know a way to fix it.

Thanks, Scott





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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Scott,

Thanks for contacting us to share what you are experiencing.

This is an issue that has been shared with our team. It seems to have something to do with the 'when the control loses focus' not happening before the OK button is clicked so the entry is not saved.

I've shared this conversation in our report as we track user impact and this will allow us to share any updates with you here.

Scott Weston

Thanks Leslie for the response. Just so I can report back to the client, is there anything that can be done to fix this issue from my end? Or is it purely a developer issue to fix?

Can you suggest any alternatives? I know the client uses mobile devices regularly for training and the name on the certificate helps with keeping track of who's done it.


Lauren Connelly

Hi Scott!

Great question! This affects iOS and Android outputs so a workaround is to use a desktop version of the browsers rather than mobile. We haven't heard of any other workarounds yet!

Secondly, the fix would err more on the developer-side since it's the way the course behaves in a mobile browser. 

We'll report back to this discussion when we have more information!

Vinnie Russo

Hi Scott, they are NOT going to fix this anytime soon. The developers have been aware of this for a few years. If they can fix it, that would be wonderful and we can actually have this Photographic Line-up work for law enforcement so they can administer it remotely with the victim/witness and this way avoid contact due to the virus. We haven't been able to use this for at least a year because of the print problem with smartphones, even after I posted numerous times. Here's the link if any of the developers would like to check it out, (please use a smartphone to get the broken results). Hope you guys can fix this soon!