Storyline 3: Pushing Score Variable to LMS

Hello everyone, 

Need your help in my Storyline 3 project.

I created a customized quiz and created a variable that will serve as the counter for the Quiz Score. The name of the variable "Score". I have read some discussions here on pushing the score variable to LMS, but mine is not working. I have followed the instructions using the link below:

I have attached a sample file. You'll see two slides with 4 layers on each. On those layers are my questions and whenever they click the correct picture the variable "score" should increment by "1".

Since I am new to Storyline, I am really having a hard time looking for possible ways to push my score to LMS.

Looking forward to your feedback.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Marinel,

Looks like Crystal popped in to help you with your similar question here.

I took a look at your file and wanted to share an example closer to what the documentation you shared describes.

Tracking survey results does not always work in an LMS either, so be sure to check Crystal's suggestion for better tracking if needed.