Storyline 3 - Question bank quizzing causes crashes.


For the last few months our end users have been experiencing a rapid decline in the functionality of the quizzes we have produced. 

The issue is that some users are accessing the quiz (at the end of a module) and this is then causing their course to crash, unfortunately, this also has a tendency to push them back through the module to an earlier bookmark. Very Frustrating. 

To make the situation a little more complicated, trying to replicate this issue is almost impossible, perhaps this is due to my own personal workstation being setup in a way that this error isn't happening I don't know. 

The issue we have encountered is similar to the issue discussed here:

However this issue seems persistent with Storyline 3 March 5, 2019 (Build 3.6.18134.0).

I've looked back at the logs of user feedback and can see this issue has been commented on by our users since April 2019. 

The delay in this would be our timeline for updates. 

Could this bug still exist from a previous update in storyline 360 that was pushed to storyline 3 without being corrected?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

This issue appeared in Storyline 360 Update 23, and was fixed by Update 25 so it wouldn't have made it into Storyline 3 Update 6 based on those release dates. 

Are you able to share a link to this course or a copy of the project with our Support Team so that we can help test? It would be good to know what browsers, devices, etc. your learners are using so we can look at replicating those setups. 

John Willis

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your response, however this issue is happening on multiple courses but not for every user.

I personally haven't been able to recreate the issue when testing myself, however I have seen this issue first hand by remote support.

The issue is when loading a question slide *from a question bank* the course would then appear to be stuck buffering. When a user closes the module it was taking them back a significant number of slides forgetting all previous bookmarking.

We countered this by changing our LMS commit to happen every 60 seconds. This helps but obviously didn't fix the issue completely. Our questions are a very simple format, either True/False or Multiple Choice. 

I can confirm users have had this issue on Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. I've tested all 3 browsers on the same course when it's being reported, sometimes on the account the user is signed into and have not had this issue happen to me.

I've read the release notes for Storyline 3 - Version 7 and there doesn't appear to be anything indicating that the issue has been solved in this version.

If you have any more information regarding this please let me know. 

Thank you. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi John!

I've seen this issue before, and the trick was to import the course to a new project. Have you tried this yet?

If it's happening with most of your courses, I think it would be best to see what's going on! Can you share your file with us? You can do so by using the "add attachment" button in this discussion or sharing it privately with our Support Engineers! I would hate for this to affect more courses!

John Willis

Hi Lauren,

Sadly this is affecting so many courses, each with multiple modules and each module contains a simple 3 question quiz. As i previously stated this quiz is either true or false or multiple choice.

Due to the random nature of this happening (One user accessing a 5 module course, being able to complete the quiz on 2/5 modules and then for the final 3 being kicked out of the module right at the end with no session data being stored) I've decided the best course of action for us is to simply remove all of the quizzing sections from each module. 

This isn't what i wanted to do however this is the only real solution i can see for this issue. 

Recreating each module by importing it into a new project file is very time consuming and cumbersome.

As I previously mentioned this appears to have been a bug in Storyline 360 that was passed onto Storyline 3, but has not yet been corrected. I understand that rolling out patches for Storyline 3 does take more time, however to allow a persistent bug to remain that affects the usability of the content for some learners to the point they are having to complete the same content multiple times isn't great. 

I do believe more updates should be available for SL3 more readily, instead of having to wait for each new 'version' patch to be released, for those of us who see little value in moving over to your subscription based 360 model.