Storyline 3 quiz timer does not stop when reviewing the quiz


I created 2 quizzes with Storyline 3. I set the timer of 60 min at the result slide for both quizzes. I want the timer stops when learner completes answering to all the questions.

Out of 2 quizzes, one acts ideally- timer stops when you complete answering all quizzes, and the time stays the same while reviewing the quiz. Another quiz I developed- I believe I created exact same way, but the timer continues on while reviewing after completion, and even when reviewing, when timer hits 60 min, you can't continue reviewing the result of your quiz.

I made sure checking "End quiz after 60 min" when I edited result slide for both of the quizzes, but they act differently.

Does anyone have idea where else I need to make sure to make this work?


Thank you in advance!



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Junko Takaira

Hi Alyssa!

Yes, my Storyline is update 5 version.

And, quiz questions are in 2 different question banks, and with one result slide.

My question above is about 2 different Storyline files which should behave the same as I copied one over to make another one. However, one timer stops when learners finish answering, another timer continues on. Any thought?




Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Junko for that additional info! Have you tested whether the quiz timer stops before or once reaching the Results slide? Does that make a difference as far as the learner reviewing the quiz at the end? 

Also, could we take a look at these two files in question? That would be helpful to spot any differences or discrepancies between the two. You can upload them here using the Add Attachment button in the discussion or if you'd prefer to share privately you can upload it to me here.

Junko Takaira

Hi Ashley,

ya, timer stops once reaching the result slide for one file, not stopping for another file.

For some reason I can't upload the file, and I know without files it is hard to tell, but do you have any idea which function I should check within Storyline if timer is acting differently with the same setting?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Junko,

Were you unable to upload the file here in the forums or via support case? You're welcome to share it privately here if needed and if you cannot share the files, simply mention that and we can send you a link to direct upload to your case.

You mentioned above that the issue started happening after a copy was done? Is the file that you're having trouble with the one that you pasted content into? Are you able to replicate this problem in a new file?

If you cannot re-create the issue in a new course, I would advise to import the file into a new one and see if that alleviates the issue.

Junko Takaira

Hi Leslie,

Yes, I renamed the first file with the second name, and saved. Then continued developing 2 different quizzes separately, but did not touch on timer function. However, the first file and the second file acts differently-the first one's timer continues on, and another one's time stops when learner finishes the test. I want this to act the latter one- timer stops. I checked both timer function, they look the same, but act differently.

Any ideas on this?

Meanwhile, I will try out your suggestion-import the file and see how its timer works.

Crystal Horn

Hi Junko.  Ok, let us know how Leslie's suggestion works.  One other idea I have is to make sure you create a new results slide from scratch.  Whenever I've had issues with results slide functions, I like to create a new results slide to give it a fresh start.  Let us know how you make out!