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Rick Cheeseman

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for the link, it will be helpful in allowing me to work with the files once in Storyline.  However, I am working with a third party who is supplying the original audio.

Is there any recommended dB level I could ask them to supply the audio at so that the published story has an audio level comparable to other audio on the net.  As it is now, the published audio is noticeably quieter. When I look at the audio in Audacity, the level is around -40dB so I know that it too low.

I can tweak the existing audio but would like to be able to make a recommendation to the supplier so that the original audio works without needing my intervention.

Thank you,

Rick Cheeseman

Hi Lauren,

Thanks very much for the offer to connect with a Support Engineer but I think I have figured it out.  I had another story for which the audio was fine.  Comparing one of those audio files with the files in the quiet story, the differences 'tell the story':

The normal-level audio is at -20dB and it is a .wav file (as recommended by Articulate: 16 bit 44 KHZ PCM WAV; https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/volume-too-low-when-importing-audio-files)

The quiet audio is at -40dB and it is a .mp3 file.

So, what's wrong?  Everything!

BTW, I use Audacity for audio-editing and the dB levels are the more-or-less peak values that are displayed using Audacity's Analyze > Plot Spectrum tool.

And duhhmeeee - i should have included 'volume too low' in the title of this discussion, for search purposes.  If there is a way to do that, please do, or let me know how.

Thanks again!