Storyline 3 Require Answer for Essay Survey Question

I have a simple survey where all 4 questions are essay and all 4 have "User must answer" selected.  However, learner can skip questions by clicking Next and there is no prompt that they must answer the question.  I must be missing something obvious but I do not know what it is. I added a slide before Results to allow learner to go back and answer any unanswered questions but customer wants to prevent learner from going to next question if they do not answer.  I though about hiding Next but then I did not know what trigger to use to display it when learner types in the text box.

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Noel Read

Hi, the standard functionality for a survey question that is an essay is for it to have a Submit button that the user clicks once they have typed their answer and this will automatically move them to the next slide - there is no need for a Next button on the slide. Unless you have layers for a correct or incorrect answer (which would be unusual for an Essay question)

Try setting up a standard Essay Survey Question using the default settings and do not add any manual NEXT buttons to the slide and see if that works.

Lauri Hagan

I now I have a problem in that the learner cannot go back and edit their answer during the review. If I clear results on the results slide then they have to answer all questions again. Is there a way to allow learner to change some of their answers upon review without making them complete the entire survey over again? That must be why I removed the submit button on each page and put it at the end.

Noel Read

Hi, I know why that is - I didn't set up trigger to set the submit button to hidden when the time line starts. There is s trigger to change it to normal once control loses focus on the text entry box. If you create a trigger that makes the submit button hidden when the time line starts it will then only show up once the user has typed something into the box.