Storyline 3 ResetStatus



I contact you because I have a problem with SCORM 2004 3rd edition export. I publish from Storyline 3 – trial version.


The content send « success » and « completed ». When I close the course, the storyline content call the function « ResetStatus » (API.js).  I changed the API.js file to avoid the reset.



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Laurent Desquirez

Yes, status is not reported. It makes a reset.
So, in lms/API.js we add "return false" : (with this solution it works)

function ResetStatus(){
WriteToDebug("In ResetStatus");

if (! IsLoaded()){
SetErrorInfo(ERROR_NOT_LOADED, "Cannot make calls to the LMS before calling Start");
return false;

WriteToDebug("Setting blnStatusWasSet to false");

blnStatusWasSet = false;
return false ;
return objLMS.ResetStatus();