Storyline 3- Results/Scores Not Recording in Articulate Online

Apr 03, 2018

I created a simulation of some of our screens in Storyline 3, with an interactive quiz throughout the step-by-step process. When I get to the end, the score is showing properly. However, when I publish it for Articulate Online, then go through the quiz, the scores are not recorded. Articulate Online doesn't even recognize that anyone opened the quiz, (No activity reported,) let alone completed it.

However, occasionally, it DOES record when someone opened the quiz, and even their scores. As an example, I had a "guinea pig" class of about 15 people take it, so I could get some feedback on the layout and how it functioned. After the meeting, I look in Articulate Online, and it says only 1 person had viewed it, and they only completed Question 1 of about 60. (The entire class of 15 fully completed it, and they were on their own computer, so it wouldn't be a cookies issue.)

What am I missing that it's not consistently reporting activity/scores in Articulate Online?

I can't post the Storyline File here, because it's got a lot of proprietary screens/info in it. Though if there's somewhere to securely upload it to be looked at, I could do that. (Submit a Case)

A note, in case it might make a difference, but when I publish for Articulate Online, I must "Publish Locally," then Manually Upload it to Articulate Online. I believe this is because of a firewall or other security measure my company has in place. But this hasn't affected previous projects which record just fine.

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