Storyline 3 SCORM 1.2 playback Issue with IE11

We are experiencing a playback issue with one of our Storyline 3 SCORM 1.2 Packages in IE11. The playback gets choppy and auto becomes out of sync. 

Tested on various machines both inside and outside our network with the same results on IE11 and Windows 10.

If we click on the CC (closed caption) tab it will help make the video run smoother and if we make the browser window smaller that helps as well.

This is the second SCORM Package we created, the first SCORM package we created last year the exact same way runs fine in IE11. 

I have also uploaded the video to SCORM Cloud and the issue is present. 

See Attached manifest, story and meta files.


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Katie Riggio

Sorry you're facing this issue, Christopher!

I'm happy to help you sort it out, and smart move to start by testing the output in SCORM Cloud.

We have an open issue that we're investigating with audio experiencing intermittent syncing in IE11. If you're finding this only happens in this browser, I suspect this is the issue you're facing.

Are you be able to share the source .story file here for further troubleshooting? You can add it as a comment by using the Add Attachment in your reply, or you can share it privately with our team here.

We're happy to verify whether that bug is affecting your file, or if something else is causing the playback issue. Thanks!