Storyline 3 'send email to' trigger

Aug 10, 2017

My team just purchased Storyline 3 and as expected, we are finding bugs. This is one. Using the simple send email to trigger to make text hyperlinked to an email address or doing the same thing on a hot spot is causing the course to crash completely in Chrome. I reported the issue to Articulate but have not heard back. I think I am black listed for raising too many issues. Anyway, anyone have a work around other than don't use this feature and just make the user type in the email address?

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Alyssa Gomez

Sorry you ran into that, Dan! And not to worry--we would never "black list" anyone for asking too many questions or raising too many issues. We're here to help, and we always want to hear how we can improve our product.

I do see you submitted your case, and I'm sorry you haven't heard back yet. Rest assured your case is assigned to the right team, and somebody should be reaching out to you via email as soon as they can!

In the meantime, I did a quick test in Storyline 3, and I found the "send to email" trigger to be working correctly. Can you test this link in Chrome and let me know how it works for you? 

Here's a screen recording of my test. 

Marcy  Kalina

I'm having the same issue - when I select "Send email to" for a hotspot trigger in Storyline 3, nothing happens. I tested your link above, Alyssa and got this: 


<Message>Access Denied</Message>

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Susanne,

This thread is a bit dated and those Tempshare links are only good for 10 days, which is why you ran into that error.

I just did a quick test and it seems to be working well for me and the issue that Dan reported above was corrected in Update 3 for Storyline 3.

That update was released March 6th, so I'm curious if you're on the latest version? You can find all the details and link to download here.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Stephen,

Sounds like you've got it set up and there are some common reasons it may not be working. 

You'll want to make sure learners have the resources they need to use email triggers:

  • The learner must have an email client installed (for example, Microsoft Outlook), and they must have an email account configured in the app.
  • The email app must allow JavaScript and HTML submissions from external programs (in this case, Storyline). Some email apps, such as Lotus Notes and Groupwise, don't allow these features. As a result, email triggers won't work in these apps.

Tighter security restrictions in modern web browsers, operating systems, and anti-virus programs can also interfere with email triggers. We recommend testing a published course before distributing it to learners to see if email triggers will work in your environment.

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