Storyline 3: Size & Position Menu Bug

Our company updated our Storyline licenses before the end of 2017 and we have been unable to use Storyline 3 ever since because of a bug we found.  When you upgrade a Storyline 2 project to a Storyline 3 format, you lose the ability to access the Size and Position Menu.  We do a lot of template courses and embed a lot of videos that require us to size them to the project size and are locked out of the functionality with Storyline 3 and 360.  Has anyone else encountered this?


Additionally, I put in a support ticket back in December 2017 and Articulate hasn't come back with any solution but claims they are still looking into it.  Has anyone found a work around as copying and pasting also locks the menu?


Case #01184456

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Jessica Milligan

Hi Owen,

I just tried that and it shut down Storyline 3 completely when I tried to access the menu to resize a video being streamed into the course. 

I thought it might just be my download at first but was able to recreate it not only on my Storyline 3 license but also my co-workers Storyline 360 license on a separate computer. 

Jessica Milligan

I know!  I even had to have my corporate computer rebuilt due to another unrelated situation and Storyline reinstalled so it's a fresh download of the software and it's still happening.  It's frustrating because it is keeping me out of the software and we are looking at launching iPad learning this year.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Jessica,

I'm really sorry you're still running into this issue. We do have this logged as a software bug, and our team is working to prioritize the problem. Here's a closer look at how we tackle bugs once they are reported to us. 

We'll be sure to post an update here as soon as we get any new information on this. If you have any further questions, please let me know!

Jessica Milligan

To update this post - Articulate came up with an update to SL3 on May 8th, 2018.  This bug is still not fixed and we have to work around it by altering the embed code from a streaming video as the size and position menu still will not launch and causes an error message no matter how you try to access it. 

Articulate says in "how we tackle bugs" that they prioritize it based on users effected, yet I know that of the two team members we have that have upgraded to SL3 or SL360, both licenses are impacted and are on independent computers.  The rest of our team has held off on the upgrade as it causes undue hardship in the course creation process as we create over 150+ courses a year.