Storyline 3 - Strange behavior in Drag-and-Drop

Jul 12, 2017

Hello, I am working with Storyline 3 and after localizing the course, the Drag and Drop is acting weird. Even though the same elements are triggered for correct/incorrect answers (rectangles and drop targets), there are two problems:

1. The action of trying to drag an item onto the drop target is erratic and does not function

2. Even when you aer able to drop the correct object (rectangle) on the drop target, the correct answer layer isn't triggered.

Are there places I can look that would control these functions? What normally causes these issues to occur? It is triggered exactly the same as the source. I am failing to see what is affecting it.

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Rachel Forshee

I would love to have you look it over. In my mind there might be a few things that could be causing the errors. One is that I am using a trial version of the Storyline 3, the second is that we never got confirmation whether the client authored this in Storyline 3 or 360. But yes, problems surfaced after the translation doc was reimported.

I'll send you both the source file and the localized file for you/your engineers to take a look. Happy to help create a better product!

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