Storyline 3 "Submit Results" not marking course complete in Tin Can (HTML5)

Jul 18, 2017

I have created a 15 question quiz-based module which I'm trying to get to work with the LearnUpon LMS. When I publish to Scorm 1.2 the "Submit Results" trigger marks the course as complete.

However, because of problems with the suspend/resume function losing data under Scorm 1.2, I need to use Tin Can.  when I publish the same module to Tin Can, "Submit Results" does not mark the course complete.

If I use Flash, I can use the following JavaScript on the exit button to complete the course:


But I have customers with Apple devices. So Flash is out. With HTML5, this JavaScript doesn't work. There doesn't seem to be any way to mark the course complete. Anyone encountered anything like this? Any suggestions?

I can't test this on Scorm Cloud because the Tin Can module generates an error on import. I have a support case in on this issue. LearnUpon made a tweak to their system to allow Storyline 3 Tin Can content to load in their system. 

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Rob Pannoni

Thanks Alyssa. We're not using the mobile player. So we should be good with hosting on the LMS.

LearnUpon tech support is reporting "when the course is taken using Flash a completion statement is successfully sent from the Tin Can marking the completion as “True”,statement as “Passed” and result as “Success”. However, when taking the TC using Html5. The Tin Can fails to send the same completions instead sending a completion as “False”, statement as “attempted” and result completion as “False”.

Rob Pannoni

Just wanted to close the loop in case there is anyone else struggling with this issue. Articulate Support has confirmed that there is a bug in the Storyline 3 "Exit Course" command under HTML5 when using the Chrome browser. It closes the browser window, but does not send the Tin Can results to the LMS. 

The workaround is to have the user manually close the browser window. 

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