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Concerning CPU and graphics card use for Storyline 3, which does Storyline heavily rely on the most?

Misc info (no need to read unless a staff member wants to forward this to tech help desk) :  I did some tests and checked my task manager and even used CPUZ to see what is being used the most between the CPU and graphics card when running a live preview of my animation. I noticed my preview is super slow due to my complex animation and even set my CPU priority to 'high' for Storyline, I saw an increase in performance and then I started tweaking around with my graphics card settings and can't seem to find a happy medium. My guess is, Storyline does not do well with animation heavy scenes created from Storyline. Therefore, I might have to use an animation program instead and export it as a video to add to my storyline project.

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Katie Riggio

Hi Mikel,

I checked in with our technical team, in which they were wondering if you mean that the preview process is slow or the performance of displaying the previewed content is poor?

We'd love to investigate this for you. Would you be able to share that .story file publicly in this thread? If yes, you can attach the file here by clicking on the add attachment button below. If you prefer to send it privately, you can share that information directly to our Support Engineers here.

Mikel Tan

The second statement pertaining to the preview content being poor. I also
exported the file and did a web test and it appeared to be slow as well. I
would share the file but it is however a work file and cannot be shared
unless I have my IT department on a ticket with you guys. If you need to
see the file, please let me know where I can submit a ticket and I will go
ahead and share the storyline file with you guys.