Storyline 3 bad performance on older iPad and tablets


I have been doing some testing using older iPads (mini and 2) and noticed that the performance of SL3 output is completely unusable compared to Storyline 2.

The animations are slow, the page transitions are slow and there is constant intermittent crashing. It even caused the iPad mini to restart. 

The Storyline 2 output, while quite slow, still works and you can complete the course.

This puts me in a really difficult position. In an ideal world, clients and users would have the latest technology, but this is not a reality. You do not change your tablets as frequently as you change your phone.

Clients, as you know, have hugely diverse employment and our courses have to work for as close to everyone as possible.

I cannot say to the client that the SL3 output works on iPad. It is as simple as that. If I stick with Storyline 2, which looks like the ONLY option to keep the courses working on as much as possible, I have to admit that it does not work on Firefox without Flash (this issue was never rectified in 3 years).

It is hugely frustrating as a developer to constantly have these issues due to no fault of my own. I am really disappointed in SL3's lack of new features and now the output. 

Does anyone have any practical ideas that they have used to successfully combat these issues? Mobile player is not an option for our SCORM courses.

Many thanks

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ell,

I know that this is an issue plaguing a few customers.  I'm sorry it's causing you such headaches.

As you mentioned, it's a difference in how this behaves on older vs. newer iPads. It is something that we've shared with our QA team - and we're continuing the investigations on our end. You'll see in Storyline 2 this was also an issue we documented here. 

We'll keep you posted here on any other updates or changes! 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Caroline,

No update at this time. It looks like Ashley shared our documentation for Storyline 2 above, which you can find here.

You mention an iPad Mini, which is an older device. Our system requirements for Storyline 3 viewing can be found here, which includes using Safari on an Apple mobile device on iOS 10 or later. What version of iOS is your customer utilizing? I seem to recall iPad Mini's being maxed out at iOS version 9.3.5, but I could be mistaken.