Storyline 3 - Tincan API option - Publishing HTML5 only I'm not getting a method=put , instead it is statementID=

Jul 23, 2020

I'm not getting method=put in the endpoints?  Or in any files published with Storyline 3 - Tin Can API.  I need the method=put to work with my LMS import and tracking.

I'm publishing in Storyline 3 using the following options - 


format: HMTL5 only

Player: Storyline Player

Quality: Optimized for Standard Delivery

Publish: Entire Project

Tracking: Results slide (11.12 Results Slide)

Output Options: Tin Can API

Reporting - Tin Can API - Launch URL: story.html

Tracking - Track using quiz result 11.12 Result Slide

I do not get any method=PUT in the published files.

Do I need to change some options?



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Stephen Hamilton

Here is what I want as described in the documentation - 

Tin Can API. To summarize, if the endpoint is, then all statements will be posted to

Instead I get - /lrs/dummy/statements?statementId=3ed73130-d7cc-4f4e-8378-22d0eefa66cb


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