Storyline 3 - Trigger to continue to next lesson not working. Is this a browser setting issue?

I have a course that consists of 3 video lessons. At the end of each video a 'click to continue' button appears with a trigger to jump to the next lesson in the module. At the end I have a similar button and trigger to go to the end of module test.  I have one remote user that cannot click the button to continue at any point in the course, and as it is just one person I think it is likely a browser issue (Edge) and not anything in the Articulate courseware.


Does anyone know of a setting in the browser that would stop the user being able to click on the button when it appears in the module?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andy,

That's the only button in the whole course the learner can't click? Are they able to click on anything else in the browser at that point or does it lock up entirely? I haven't seen anything similar, but I have Edge installed so I'm happy to test it too if you can share the link!

I'd also ask the learner to double check that they're on the latest update of Edge!