Storyline 3 Triggers not working correctly

I am having a trigger issue now I am hopeful someone here can help with.  Details below:

Triggers on slide 1.4 for the four buttons that branch to the four areas of the course.  I have the buttons set to change state to visited when the variable associated with that section changes to true (complete).  However, as soon as I click on the button to go to that area, it changes the state of the variable.  I have tried now several different "ways" and even removed the visited state and added a completed state, but that hasn't worked.  The trigger is changing it, just not at the right time.  Anyone have some time to spend looking at it?  I've attempted to "fix" it but with worse results. 


Thank you!

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Jerry Beaucaire

A little info you may not know, I didn't until recently.

The VISITED state happens automatically when you click on an object that has that state in its list of states.  Further, it's an ADDITIONAL state to others.   So an object is usually just one state, either a state happening by builtin design, or a state you've specifically created and activated for that object.  But that object can ALSO have the "Visited" state at the same time.

So, you don't need to set triggers for that, Visited will happen the moment you click it.

So, I would recommend you not put your red check marks into the Visited state.  Rather, create your own state named DONE with the check mark there.  Perhaps "dull" the color of that state a little as well?

Then, add a trigger on the last slide of each "section" so that when the user reaches the end of the section, you specifically set a variable that can be used to show the DONE state when you return to the menu.  So a 4 variables would do it.

Emily Webster

Thanks Jerry! I have actually tried both editing the visited state to remove the check while adding a completed state - the buttons only changed to the visited state then.  I also tried deleting the visited state altogether and triggering just the completed state - the buttons stayed in their original/normal state then.  I have looked at the variables and they are set up in such a way the user can't move forward unless all are true - and that happens, but the button states are not changing.  I am at a total loss. 

Jerry Beaucaire

There's so many ways to skin this cat.  Since the menu isn't onscreen at the moment the SupervisorComplete trigger is set to true, the state changes you wanted on the menu slide aren't happening.     

Here's what I did.

  1. Created a layer called AUDIO on the menu slide and moved the audio to that layer
  2. Added a variable called MenuAudioDone and set it to TRUE when the media (audio) completes on the new audio layer.
  3. On the base layer, set a trigger to show the Audio layer when the timeline starts if the AudioMenuDone variable is False.
  4. Next, I added a COMPLETE state to the SUPERVISOR button and moved the checkmark to there. 
  5. I adjusted the existing trigger you had to change that button to COMPLETE instead of Visited but it occurs as soon as the timeline starts.  (this solves the big problem we started with)
  6. Last, I set this slide to RESET TO INITIAL STATE when revisiting so each time you come back it would retrigger the "timeline starts" event.  Since the audio is no longer on the base, it won't play again. 

I think that's pretty much it.  I set the MENU to FREE in the player settings to make it faster to test these changes.

When I went through the 3 tabs on the Supervisor scene, the NEXT button returned me to the menu slide and the Supervisor was properly set to COMPLETE.

I only did this for the SUPERVISOR, repeat these steps with the other buttons to get familiar with the logic of it all.