Storyline 3 Update 1: Problems

We have upgraded today and it is already harming a relationship with a client !

2 problems identified in a short time:

  • It causes lots of crashes of the pc producing the course.
  • It resizes background graphics in a course (where these are in the slide master).  In the example below it resized the graphic and added a load of white space to the right. It did this on many slides.....

I liked Storyline 2, but Storyline 3 is just a headache of constant bugs !  

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Leslie!

Sorry to hear that this is causing you headaches. It's certainly not the experience we wish for you to have.

Regarding the first problem of crashing, I assume this is across projects and a general issue on the computer mentioned? Have you tried to repair the software installation to see if that corrects the issue? That is usually very helpful in the situation you describe.

Onto your second report, what is the original story size vs the current story size in Storyline 3? 

If you need us to take a look, feel free to share your .story file via the Add Attachment option in the bottom left of the reply window or you could share privately with our support team here.

Leslie Foster

We have experienced both problems today, as with most days.  

The slide master issue seems to be only on projects upgraded from Storyline 2.  

On a twice weekly basis we will get a crash, but on a daily basis we are unable to save files as Storyline runs out of memory.  We changed autosave to 5 minutes and constantly save the project.  

We have developed work arounds rather than anything else.  

I look forward to update 2 and hope it has some fixes........

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Leslie! Thanks for chiming in here with an update. Looks like our support engineers reached out to you regarding your support case (01080583). Did you not receive that e-mail or had you already done the workarounds?

If you didn't get that e-mail or would like to follow up with us since it sounds like you are continuing to experience an issue, please let me know and I'll forward you the last response.

Thanks so much.