Storyline 3 update 2 issue - web browser does not support HTML5

Oct 25, 2017

Hi, we're experiencing issues after downloading the update 2 version. Our company's web browser does not support HTML5 and as such when we publish to CD, we're not able to launch the course. The update 2 machines are also experiencing issues with the scrolling feature. We noticed the scrolling window doesn't stop at the end of the last line of text, instead it kept going further down showing blank spaces.

We have a mix of update 1 and 2 machines. Those with update 1 have no issues.

We need to roll back to update 1 (Build 3.1.12115.0) from the June 13, 2017 version release. Can someone please send me the update 1 installer and I will share that with my team. Thank you.

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