Storyline 3 Update 3.2.13213.0 (HTML5 only when publishing to CD)

Oct 03, 2017

Good morning,

Hoping someone might have a solution out there for this problem I'm encountering. I have an animation heavy course with a lot of audio that needs to sync with text and images. I recently published it for a peer review. While they were reviewing I updated to the new release of SL3 so I could get the bug fix for the Slider. Unfortunately one of the fixes in the new update was "Courses published for CD are now HTML5-only, so learners no longer need Flash plugins."

Since I've done this update and republished my course it is essentially un-viewable. None of the audio syncs with the text or animations anymore. Seems the audio now takes an additional 2 to 3 seconds longer to load than the actual graphics on the timeline. I'm also experiencing a lot of image glitches as well.

My team noticed this issue a month or two ago that Internet Explorer does not properly deal with HTML5 Published Storyline files. Every project we've Published for HTML5 and tried to open with IE is broken.

Anyone noticed this yet? Are there any updates in the works to fix this? This is becoming an enormous problem for my team and the project we're working on.


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Alyssa Gomez

Sorry to hear you're running into this trouble, David! That's definitely not what we'd expect, so I'm glad you brought this to our attention. I see you also opened a case (smart idea!) and you're working through the issues with my colleague Eloisa. 

I'll follow along with your case and share updates here for anyone else who encounters similar problems in the future. 

David Breen

Thanks Alyssa,

I think I found most of my problems listed one way or another here.

and here (this one below is from 2 years ago and the issue still hasn't been fixed)

The only reason I want to default to Chrome is because my course is almost un-viewable in IE and the CD EXE Player because of how much audio and animation I have.

So I think our solution is to tell any learner that opens our course to not run the Player App but make sure to open the story.html file in Chrome instead.

Anyway, hope this helps someone.... or if someone knows how to override the EXE to rely on Chrome somehow instead of IE that would also be great.


Knut Jackowski

Not sure if somebody already suggested this:

You could replace the exe with a windows batch file that includes one line to open the course in the desired browser. For example:

start firefox story_html5.html

From what I know about windows icons, I think you would not be able to give it a nice icon, but you could name it appropriately. Maybe "start.bat" or something like that.

Another idea that might work (haven't tried that one yet myself) would be wrapping the published course into an electron app. You would need someone with some development knowledge for that. The benefit (if it works) would be that you could make CDs for WIndows, Mac and Linux.

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