Storyline 3 - Update 3 Released Today

Mar 06, 2018

Our latest update to Storyline 3 is available today! 


You can see the new features and bug fixes we've added to Storyline 3 since the last update listed below, or the entire list since the initial release in the Storyline Version History here. Updates are free for Storyline 3 licensees. Download the latest update here.

  • The new text-rendering engine for Storyline 3 allows text to flow beautifully with consistent spacing and readability on every device. And learners will always see the correct fonts for variable references and data-entry fields in HTML5 output. Learn more about modern text.
  • Storyline 3 users can now open Storyline 360 project files that have text-to-speech narration, random number variables, and course completion triggers. Compatibility details here
  • Fixed: Published content stored on your local computer wouldn't play in Google Chrome 64 and later.
  • Fixed: We fixed some drag-and-drop issues in HTML5 output, such as drag items that wouldn't drop on targets, interactions that were marked as correct even when learners answered incorrectly, and hover colors that were wrong.
  • Fixed: We fixed some triggers that didn't work consistently in HTML5 output, including key-press, hover, and click-outside triggers that didn't fire when expected.
  • Fixed: Right-click triggers displayed a context menu in some HTML5 browsers.
  • Fixed: We fixed some HTML5 quizzing issues, such as the Review Quiz button not working when a course was set to never resume, matching drop-down choices that overlapped during quiz review, and question banks that displayed the same set of questions after three quiz attempts.
  • Fixed: We fixed some issues with HTML5 output in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, such as flickering that appeared when navigating between slides and crashing that occurred when text had shadow effects.
  • Fixed: Videos wouldn't replay when revisiting slides in HTML5 output in Firefox.
  • Fixed: Lots of videos in a course could cause slides to lag or lock up in HTML5 output, and they could be sized or positioned incorrectly during preview.
  • Fixed: Audio continued to play in HTML5 output when switching to another browser tab, causing animations to become unsynchronized.
  • Fixed: JAWS screen readers would announce selected answer choices as "not checked" in HTML5 output.
  • Fixed: Zoom regions wouldn't work in HTML5 output when they were set to start at the beginning of slides, and they wouldn't always return to their initial states when revisiting slides.
  • Fixed: Data-entry fields didn't have focus when slides loaded in HTML5 output, so learners had to click inside them before entering text.
  • Fixed: We fixed some issues that could occur after upgrading project files to Storyline 3, such as blank slides, white borders around slides, and brief flashes or flickers between slides in HTML5 output.
  • Fixed: In the responsive mobile player, the seekbar was interactive even when it should have been read-only and the course menu would sometimes jump to the wrong slide.
  • Fixed: Closed captions in Flash output didn't display special characters, such as accented letters and apostrophes, and the captions were the wrong size after changing the player font size.
  • Fixed: We fixed some LMS issues, including accented letters in course titles that were replaced by question marks in SCORM output and courses tracked by the number of slides viewed reporting a Passed status rather than a Completed status.
  • Fixed: When the audio editor was zoomed in, you couldn't always delete portions of the waveform, and the waveform might be out of sync with the audio.
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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Scott,

Sorry to hear that you're having an issue with previewing or publishing your course.

Has this been since you downloaded Update 3 to Storyline 3?

Curious if the issue happens in any course you are working on or just this particular one?

If you cannot re-create the issue in a new course, I would advise to import the file into a new one and proceed.

If it's happening in any/all files, you should certainly conduct a repair of your software.

If you need us to take a look, feel free to share the .story file and we can take a look.

Cheryl S.

I was so excited to download update for Storyline 3, but now I realize that I don't have the serial key because my company bought the license and my IT department holds the keys. So now I'm stuck with the  "try for 30 days." Working with my IT department will take forever. Is there a way can I revert back to my previous version and then let my IT department worry about the update later?

Karen Virapen

Since the update, my colleagues and I (who have installed the update) are seeing a critical error where, when we close a lightbox and jump to a different page, Storyline 'hangs' and we see just a spinning wheel. (For clarification: we're all using Storyline 3.)

We have a lightbox where the Help information is stored that the user sees when they click on the Help icon in our top menu. When the user clicks on the Home button in the lightbox, it's supposed to close the Lightbox and then go back to the Home screen in the e-learning (which is in the first scene). The triggers on this button within the lightbox reads:

Close lightbox
When the user clicks

Jump to 1.4 Learning Objectives
When the user clicks

So what USUALLY happens is the lightbox closes, and the user goes back to Screen 1.4. This has been working fine for months previously before we installed the update.

However, NOW when we preview or publish a file, when we click the button to trigger this action in the lightbox, Storyline 'hangs' and we just see a spinning wheel. We have tested this both locally and in Cornerstone, our LMS. It is affecting the three of us who installed the latest update. We have tried various fixes, including just having the button close the lightbox without any other triggers attached to it, but even that malfunctions when we upload the SCORM package to Cornerstone. (It works in Preview).

I've submitted a case to your support team, but it seems like the new version has created a new bug or issue.  My case number is  01302948. This is urgent that we get a fix; we have courses going live every day next week, and this is a key part of our e-learning template!!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karen,

I'm so sorry for the issue you ran into, but I'm glad you opened a support case and I can see you've been working with Miker. 

He confirmed this is a bug our team is investigating and we'll let you know here and in your Support case once we have any other info. It does also seem that he shared with you a link to roll back to a previous version, so I hope you can continue your work on that till this is resolved.

If you need anything else, please let us know! 

Alex Arathoon

Hi there, controversial - but do you have access to older versions of SL3? One of my games no longer functions properly. Just submitted a discussion post it's related to a Gameshow template from elearningbrothers. I must admit it states it's compatible with SL2 but as it was fine with the previous update of SL3 maybe I should downgrade for now??

Obviously, it would be best to fix this:

My post is above - unsure if publically accessible? I can see it but its greyed out and maybe flagged?? Perhaps as I've uploaded the production and delivery files.

I have submitted a review but no feedback has been provided. They need to upgrade their templates to stay relevant as users will be upgrading to SL3 making their content irrelevant. Why pay $2,000+ annually.

I can't see my post I mentioned so maybe it's being moderated? In it, I state that I have attempted to recreate the game set my variables (with 3 columns only). The issue I have is that one of the blocks isn't showing the 'correct' feedback state. It works if selected first
(1st column 2nd block), however, if selected after 1st column 1st block) it doesn't only the incorrect state shows in both cases.

Very annoying as it means my coding is correct.



Alex Arathoon

Hi Justin, thanks for responding. It makes sense to upgrade and continue to find a solution. I'm sure Articulate go through a rigorous testing phase before release. Unfortunately, there are always bound to be issues that occur during creating/revising projects. Just discovered the update is also affecting captions displaying variables. The fonts don't show properly - small text or they disappear altogether.

Looks like it might be to do with using mixed fonts in a caption box. Will raise with support.

Srinivasan  T
Karen Virapen

I have to say I'm very disappointed with Storyline. I've lost several hours' work having to go back and download the previous version 2 build (that took 45 mins to download), reinstall, then go back and fix all the courses I'd published where the bug was appearing with update 3 - and with Cornerstone publishing courses takes time, so I've lost time there too.

My colleagues have lost time too, and it's made me very wary of downloading any of your updates in the future. I'm not sure any more if they're stable. Not good, Storyline!

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