Storyline 3 - Update 3 Released Today

Our latest update to Storyline 3 is available today! 


You can see the new features and bug fixes we've added to Storyline 3 since the last update listed below, or the entire list since the initial release in the Storyline Version History here. Updates are free for Storyline 3 licensees. Download the latest update here.

  • The new text-rendering engine for Storyline 3 allows text to flow beautifully with consistent spacing and readability on every device. And learners will always see the correct fonts for variable references and data-entry fields in HTML5 output. Learn more about modern text.
  • Storyline 3 users can now open Storyline 360 project files that have text-to-speech narration, random number variables, and course completion triggers. Compatibility details here
  • Fixed: Published content stored on your local computer wouldn't play in Google Chrome 64 and later.
  • Fixed: We fixed some drag-and-drop issues in HTML5 output, such as drag items that wouldn't drop on targets, interactions that were marked as correct even when learners answered incorrectly, and hover colors that were wrong.
  • Fixed: We fixed some triggers that didn't work consistently in HTML5 output, including key-press, hover, and click-outside triggers that didn't fire when expected.
  • Fixed: Right-click triggers displayed a context menu in some HTML5 browsers.
  • Fixed: We fixed some HTML5 quizzing issues, such as the Review Quiz button not working when a course was set to never resume, matching drop-down choices that overlapped during quiz review, and question banks that displayed the same set of questions after three quiz attempts.
  • Fixed: We fixed some issues with HTML5 output in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, such as flickering that appeared when navigating between slides and crashing that occurred when text had shadow effects.
  • Fixed: Videos wouldn't replay when revisiting slides in HTML5 output in Firefox.
  • Fixed: Lots of videos in a course could cause slides to lag or lock up in HTML5 output, and they could be sized or positioned incorrectly during preview.
  • Fixed: Audio continued to play in HTML5 output when switching to another browser tab, causing animations to become unsynchronized.
  • Fixed: JAWS screen readers would announce selected answer choices as "not checked" in HTML5 output.
  • Fixed: Zoom regions wouldn't work in HTML5 output when they were set to start at the beginning of slides, and they wouldn't always return to their initial states when revisiting slides.
  • Fixed: Data-entry fields didn't have focus when slides loaded in HTML5 output, so learners had to click inside them before entering text.
  • Fixed: We fixed some issues that could occur after upgrading project files to Storyline 3, such as blank slides, white borders around slides, and brief flashes or flickers between slides in HTML5 output.
  • Fixed: In the responsive mobile player, the seekbar was interactive even when it should have been read-only and the course menu would sometimes jump to the wrong slide.
  • Fixed: Closed captions in Flash output didn't display special characters, such as accented letters and apostrophes, and the captions were the wrong size after changing the player font size.
  • Fixed: We fixed some LMS issues, including accented letters in course titles that were replaced by question marks in SCORM output and courses tracked by the number of slides viewed reporting a Passed status rather than a Completed status.
  • Fixed: When the audio editor was zoomed in, you couldn't always delete portions of the waveform, and the waveform might be out of sync with the audio.
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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Jenn,

Sorry that you ran into another issue with this. I was able to replicate the behavior with the file you shared.

I do see that something similar was previously reported as well directly related to the Flash output.

Curious how this link works for you.

I changed the publish format and the link above works well for me in IE11 now.

Jenn Barnett-Russell

HTML5 output works fine, the overall file just can't be published in HTML5 yet, it utilizes a lot of animations that don't render properly in IE11 and some complex number variables that I haven't been able to get operating in HTML5 yet, so at this point I can't publish it in that format. (Hoping soon my work will switch internet browsers to Chrome where almost all of that is a non-issue).  I'll keep it in Storyline 2 for now, hopefully a fix will be implemented soon :)

Patty Maher

I just updated today, and now having trouble with a drag and drop interaction that has worked fine for months. I originally created it in Storyline 2, but imported it into Storyline 360 a few weeks ago. It worked fine until this morning after I did the upgrade. I noticed your message says you fixed some issues with drag-and-drop, so I wondered if that could have affected things.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amanda, 

The issue you ran into when slide layer wouldn't show in HTML5 output when base layer objects were hidden is fixed in today's update of Articulate 360. 

Please open your Articulate 360 desktop app and click the Update button to install it. If you don't see an Update button yet, sign out of the desktop app, then sign back in to force the new update to appear.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Patty,

Update 15 of Storyline 360 released last week caused a few issues with Drag and drops to resurface, but as I just shared with Amanda there is a new update today that in addition to the issue with layers, it also fixed an issue where drag items with states didn't work properly in HTML5 drag-and-drop interactions.

Let me know if that helps! 

George Cooper

Yet STILL there is no update for StoryLine 3 to fix the bugs that the March 6th Update introduced ?

Particularly the one detailed on the "Module not working properly in IIS web server" string. Apparently this has been fixed for SL360, but not for SL3.

I'm sure that is what the title of this string is all about ...

Nikki Innis

Hi, are you aware of an issue that changes text box format when a story is published?

As an example, a text box will change from a rectangle to a singular line text box where the text is then carried on outside of the slide. This is then visible in the in published version as well as the story file.

Leslie McKerchie

Oh no Susan! Sorry to hear this is giving you such a tough time. Is it just this particular course or any file that you work on?

I see that you've reached out to our support team as well, so I'm gonna add a note about the troubleshooting you've completed and be sure to respond, so we can continue to help you out in your case.

Nikki Innis

Hi Ashley,

It is a standard text box. Slide 1.4 on the attached story is an example of where the text box has extended outside the slide. It changed when i published the file. Even in story view it doesn't look like it extends but when you open the slide you can see that it does.

I should mention that this story was upgraded from storyline 2.

I have experienced this issue with a number of other stories which have also been upgraded but use different storyline templates.


Elena Segado

Hi Asley

I have already installed new versión  this morning and I created a drap and drop slide. If the boxes to drop targets are forms with dashed outline it doesnt work. If I change my shape to a normal continuous outline, the exercise works. (with return point if fails inactive)

In the same way, if return point if fails is active, the drag ítem is so so so hard to place in the correct box if this box is with dashed outline. With non dashed outline is simple as usual




Leslie McKerchie

Hi Elena,

Sorry to hear that you've run into an issue with this.

We do have both of these issues reported and we are investigating.

I will add this thread to both reports, which will help identify user impact as well as allow us to update here when we can.

I wanted to share some information on how we define bugs and how we tackle them when they occur.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nikki,

Thanks for sharing that file, and pointing out a slide to look at. I saw how the text box was displaying off the slide stage while viewing it, so I looked at editing it to be on the slide again and published that course for web and uploaded here to Tempshare.  The published output appeared fine, and looking at the .story file after publishing also showed that my changes remained. 

 I tried this on a new file I created in SL2 and upgraded to SL3, and couldn't replicate the same behavior - so there may be a piece I'm missing. Perhaps, I need to start with your file prior to upgrading to see the issue happen? Do you have the original to share as well?

I did notice that when I first opened it, I saw that I may be missing some of the fonts that you're using. Have the other courses that demonstrated this behavior used the same fonts? 

Let me know, and we'll keep troubleshooting from there! 


Thank you very much ☺

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Thank you very much Wendy but I'm looking for keys for blind learners who use our storylines modules and need to know which keys to use to navigate slides and forms. There is a perfect document for Rise here : and I'm looking for the same for Storyline 360. Can you tell me where find it please ?
Thank you

CM ¬ CIC Formation
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Jeff Layne

I am still having issues with fonts. It was my understanding that this update would take care of missing letters and fonts not appearing as they do in SL. Our VP is still seeing spacing issues and the font is displaying as Times New Roman instead of Open Sans in Internet Explorer. The course was created after the update and Modern text is turned on.

She is using Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.18978