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Gabe Anderson

Hi Laura- great that you're interested in Storyline 3! The upgrade is free for existing Storyline customers who have an active Platinum Membership Plan (you can redeem your upgrade here).

If you don't have an active PMP, you can purchase an upgrade to Storyline 3 for $699.

Thanks for your continued business! 

Estevan Salinas

Thank you for the reply. I am in a discussion right now with my manager and colleague to evaluate the possible upgrade. The issue I am seeing right now is the fact that I will be using SL3 and my colleague will be on SL2. If we can't get approval for her $699 upgrade, then we won't be able to collaborate on projects.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eric, 

Storyline 1 and 2 projects can be upgraded to Storyline 3, but Storyline 3 projects can’t be opened or edited with Storyline 1 and 2. 

This article describes changes and improvements you’ll see after upgrading an existing course to Storyline 3.

We will make a back up copy of your Storyline 1 or 2 course once you upgrade it to Storyline 3, so that the original can still be opened in an earlier version. Any edits that you make in Storyline 3 won't be available in the earlier version.

Agnieszka Gorgon

Hello Louise,

Could you have the Customer Care team reach out to me as well? I submitted a ticket last week, and still haven't heard back in regards to the upgrade.

We have 10 licenses we'd like updated, and I just requested a single one for myself, but wanted to know if there is a better way of managing the process for everyone involved.

I'll look forward to hearing from you, and thank you. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Agnieszka,

It looks like we may have two email addresses for you. One a gmail address and another that I suspect is your work address. The latter is the one my team has responded to with the following information:

If you can send biz@articulate.com a list of the serial numbers that need upgrading we can do a bulk upgrade here. 
Just reply to this email if you need more help. 

I asked them to resend to your Gmail address as well - and feel free to send all the serial numbers to biz@articulate.com while you're waiting. 

ciaran o'hare

Hi Ashley, I submitted a query over 2weeks ago regarding purchase of 4 storyline 3 licences on behalf of a UK based charity. I believe that this may have been directed to your UK based reseller. I have now been waiting over 2 weeks for the licence keys to be forwarded. This process used to be complete within a day when previously processed directly online - can you advise please as to the reason for the long wait?

ciaran o'hare

Yes Ashley, I actually processed the requisition on 26th may via Omniplex in the UK which was a few days after my email communication. I have cancelled the order with them today and intend to proceed instead with a different organisation called Greymatter.

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