Storyline - Video Movement Not Working

Hi Guys,

I've just published a range of courses with video elements inserted (mp4), the video seem to work fine when allowing them to run but as soon as you try to scrub through the video (Backwards or forwards) the video restarts, starts loading for a period of time, or loses sync with the seek bar itself.

I have tried multiple work-around's (Video control enabled/disabled, seekbar enabled, open in new window, allow seek etc...) but all still restart the video when you try to move forward or backwards...

I really need to get this working as the video's are quite long (Some over an hour) and our client needs the option to move around the video...

I am using Storyline 3 with the most recent update, publishing to LMS using HTLM5 with Flash fallback.

I noticed a few similar posts regarding this issue but yet to find a resolution.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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