Storyline 3 Visited States Problem

I am having trouble getting my visited states to show. I've read all the discussions and have tried several times, with no luck. I have 3 buttons, I custom-created them with images for each state. The hover state works, but the visited will not. I've got the slide locked down so users cannot advance until all 3 buttons are visited, but since the visited states aren't working, the locked slide won't work either. HELP!

I've tried button sets and several things. I even tried to get creative by putting a trigger on my layers to change the state once the timeline starts on each layer. Still no luck. Any help would be appreciated! :) i attached my slide. 

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Walt Hamilton

Judy, not your fault; this is a known bug (See Ashley's first Reply) in SL involving the use of this clause in a trigger:


Using "State ..." in a When statement only works if you have only three or four triggers on a slide. It seems like a wonderful idea, but more triggers than that, and it just doesn't work.  (Note: this restriction doesn't apply if State of ... is used in the Conditions part of the trigger.)

You also are having problems with these triggers:


When you create a state of Visited or Hover on an object, all the triggers are included. If you create your own triggers to do the same thing, the results are unpredictable, sometimes interesting, and almost never useful. Delete them, and let the built-in magic do its work.

I think you'll find the attached sample works, and is much simpler to create. One caveat: visited state is really reliable as long as you are on the same slide, but if you visit a bunch of other slides, it may get lost when you come back to this slide.

Judy Claybrook

Walt. You are my HERO! I have spent the past two days researching and playing around with this slide. I never found the blog entry about the bug, so thank you. and Thank you soooo much for simplifying the slide, you helped me immensely. I thought I was going crazy!

Lesson more custom buttons, triggers, and states. I'll let the built-in magic do it's thing! Thank YOU! :)