Storyline 3 WCAG Compatibility with JAWS and Narrator Readers

Dec 05, 2018

Hi There,

I have developed a course for one of our client which is WCAG 2.0 complaint in Storyline 3 Version 5.

The course is not working properly with Screen readers {Jaws reader 16 and Window 10 default Narrator} in IE Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Yes it is working fine with IE 11 along with Jaws 16 but that is not a default browser for my client.

Need support.



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Malkeet Singh

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for your support on the above point.

IE 11 is working perfectly fine with me.

I have also updated my Google Chrome and Mozilla as per your suggestion

My Course output is working fine on Google chrome with Jaws reader 16 as well as 18.

When i am running my course on Google chrome it reads some extra text with each image that is, "Read only" i don't know where it is coming from but this is the only issue till the time.

Can u help!


Malkeet Singh


As per the above comment, i have updated my Mozilla Firefox with latest version (63.0.3) but i am still facing issues with Jaws reader 16.

After some research, i found that Jaws 16 will not work on Mozilla version 57 or above as per the Mozillas official communication/notification. You can refer the same from the below link:

Please confirm so that we don't spend any further effort trying to make Jaws 16 work on the latest version of Firefox.  





Malkeet Singh

Hi Alyssa,

I have another issue with Mozilla Firefox in reading the dynamic text fields with jaws reader 18.

We have used variables and fetching these variables in text fields, for example page numbers are populated dynamically.

On one dynamic text field, Firefox jaws is not reading the text when the user presses the tab key. However, we can see that text field is selected. And on another text field, we are having the exact opposite issue, we cannot see the selection on tab key, but jaws is reading the text.

This issue is only occurring in Firefox  (With Jaws reader 18). It's working as expected on IE 11 and chrome. Please let us know how we can resolve this in Storyline 3?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Malkeet!  Thanks so much for those helpful details regarding JAWS and the latest version of Firefox.  We were able to test and update our documentation as a result of your post!  Check out the system requirements for accessibility in Storyline 3.

As for the variable text issue, can you share the file that is behaving inconsistently with JAWS?  You can use the Add Attachment button here, or share it privately with me using this link.

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