Storyline 360 12/15 build: A return to continuous screen reading?

Hi everyone,

My colleagues and I have installed the 12/15 update (Build 3.47.23871.0) for Articulate 360 as it is the latest one approved for use on our team. I remember that, earlier in 2020, a continuous accessibility screen-reading feature (which allowed screen readers like NVDA to read all content on a slide without the end-user needing to press TAB or Down Arrow to advance to each frame) was built into Storyline 360. However, after extensive feedback from the community, this feature was later removed.

I'm aware that the 12/15 release has additional accessibility enhancements not available in older SL builds, but it seems that the continuous screen-reading feature has resurfaced in the 12/15 build. I've looked for related articles in the Articulate community and support areas, but can't find anything. Has this feature been intentionally restored in the latest versions of Articulate products?

Thanks much ahead,

Michelle K.

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Christian Halili

Hi, Michelle,

The accessibilities do indeed exist in the build that was released last December 15, 2020. Text publishes with the proper semantic formatting for headings, links, lists, and other elements so screen reader users can explore content easily. You can also use text styles to make content easy to navigate with a screen reader. 

Accessible text styles allow learners with visual disabilities to identify headings, hyperlinks, blockquotes, and paragraphs on each slide so they understand its layout and context. Learners can also use screen reader shortcuts to jump directly to headings and links.


Check out Storyline 360: Accessible Semantic Formatting and Storyline 360: Accessible Text Styles for more info!

I hope this helps. Let me know what you think!