Storyline 360 32-Bit Stalling on Startup on 64-Bit Windows 10 system

I've been encountering an issue when starting up Storyline 360 from the Articulate 360 Control Panel. The app looks like it is starting up, but then stalls on the initial startup screen at the "Adding views..." step, and there's nothing to do but End Task on it in Task Manager. This issue started last week, after I ran the update. 

HELP!!! :-)

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Brett and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

I took a look at the support case that we worked with Michael on above, but it does not look like we heard back from the user to confirm resolution.

Have you attempted to conduct a repair of your software? That'd be my first recommendation and if you need further assistance, I'd work directly with a support engineer here.

Brett Robinette

Yes...thanks I did attempt the "repair" with no change in results. I have Gen7 i7, 16GB memory and 500GB SSD (less than ½ full) and when I go from master slide to normal view, it normally freezes up to 1 full min. or select from one scene to the other about 20 sec before I can start working again.

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