Storyline 360 - Actual Manual PDF vs. Online User Guide?

Hi Folks,

First time poster!  My head is spinning with how much there is to learn as someone who is brand new to Storyline.  I've found the online User Guide with all the links, but I'm looking for an actual PDF I can download and print to pair with some courses, etc.  The only PDF I see on the website is here, but it was last updated on October 5, 2016.  The User Guide appears to have been updated in November 2018, but there's no PDF.  

Can anyone point me to a full manual?  Does one come with the full version once you buy it?    

Thanks in advance!



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Phil Mayor

I don't believe there is a manual and it is the user guide or buying a book such as Storyline uncovered.

It may be better to learn by building a course although there is quite a lot to learn some of it you may never need to know, and when/if you do need it there are plenty of tutorials and demo files around.

Jackie No

Thank you, Leslie!  I'm trying to figure out a way to create the most efficient way to learn everything, while also having a working manual that lets me learn advanced things once I'm ready.  It's hard to know as a beginner which resources will help me learn the deepest! 

I'm setting up a spreadsheet based on how the user manual is organized so that I can strategically see everything I need to learn how to do, and also create little skill practices for myself.  But I will definitely be starting with your tutorials.  Thank you!