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Katie Riggio

Hello Jeannette,

Thanks for reaching out and good question!

Currently, Storyline can't automatically transcribe audio or video to text. We'd love to learn more and welcome you to share any more thoughts on our Feature Request page!

  • The closed captions editor in Storyline 360: This allows you to type and format captions for your media file. If your media clip doesn't already have captions, the closed captions editor will automatically analyze the audio track to detect units of speech and add caption placeholders to the timeline that are synchronized with your content.
    🔖 Check out this resource to learn all about this built-in editor!
  • Importing closed captions: Storyline supports SRT, VTT, SBV, and SUB files generated by third-party captioning services, such as YouTube, Amara, and 3PlayMedia.
    🔖 Check out this resource on importing closed captions!

Let me know if you have any questions! 

Jeannette McGlinsky

Thanks for the info.  I was afraid that manual entry was the only way.  We need to begin adding CC to everything we create and not just add the verbatim wording to the Notes panel.  It would be so nice if closed captioning could be generated while recording the audio or in the edit process or even if an .srt file was created.