Storyline 360 -- Adjusting Tabs in a text block

Apr 03, 2019

We would like to customize the tab settings in a Storyline text block. I haven't found instructions on how to do this in the forums. 

Is it possible? If so, how do we do it?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Randy!

Tell me more about what you mean by the tab settings. Do you want to customize the amount of indentation that happens when you press the TAB key on your keyboard?

If so, I'll pass that idea along to our product team! In the meantime, you could create your own keyboard shortcut for the Increase Indent button.

Katie Riggio

Hey there, John!

Though there isn't such a feature at this time, I'd love to document your need for one! Could you walk me through what scenario(s) you'd use a custom indentation feature?

For now, Alyssa's suggestion of creating a custom keyboard shortcut is a great one:

Ward Scott

Please add me to this request list. A ruler with tab stops would be one solution. A toolbox in the ribbon for formatting tabs would be another. Storyline evolved from the original PowerPoint plug-in, and PowerPoint has had these options available since those days so this should not be a difficult concept, and has been one of the largest gaps in the Storyline featureset for years.

Sarah Whitfield


Has setting tab stops within text boxes been added to the features yet?

It seems like people have been asking for it for years and it is a standard text tool in PowerPoint, Word, InDesign, etc..

I want to add a list of names with descriptions and be able to tab between the 2 so all the descriptions are aligned. I can do this at the moment using a table or different text boxes, but when I send the content to be translated the translator cannot easily see which description goes with which name.

Please add this soon!

Sarah Whitfield

Further to my comment a few months ago...

I have just completed the Articulate 360 Accessibility training and one of the things to avoid is using tables for non-tabular text - which was my work-around for not being able to set tab-stops.

So Accessibility is another reason to push this feature to the top of the development list.

Mark Thomson

Hi, this is such a basic feature. Articulate developers really need to get onto this.

I was using a table to layout text, but it's not great for accessibility (screen readers). I come from a graphic design background and find Articulate really frustrating. I'm trying to make it work, but basic functionality like this shows that you're not hitting the mark and the application feels old and clunky. 

Please add this basic text feature! :)

Steven Benassi

Hi Mark!

Thanks for the feedback on how this feature could benefit you when authoring in Storyline 360!

I've included you in the feature report and will update this discussion as soon as we have news to share! If you'd like to stay up to date, please bookmark our Feature Roadmap.

Have a great rest of your week!

Eric Santos

Hello Sarah,

I appreciate you following up on this.

We are careful when adding new features to avoid breaking existing ones in the software. Though I cannot estimate a timeline because of factors like complexity, breadth, and engineering's current workload, we'll let you know if the new feature is due, and you will be among the first to know.