Storyline 360 alignment previous/next button modern player style


I like the modern player style (in storyline 360), but I have some trouble with the alignment of the previous (vorige)/next (volgende) button (see attachement). I think the position of the buttons depends on the size of the screen(?), but on my screen this seems a bit strange and I'm affraid that the users can't find the buttons.  Is there a way to align the button with the slide so the users can't overlook them?

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Nynke De Witte

When I change the slide size to 16x9 the gap between the slide and the buttons increases, but on my screen it still isn't ideal (see attachement).

For now I think I use the classis player style, to avoid confused users.

But maybe this is something to look at for a next version of SL. 


Thanx for your help.