Storyline 360 and FireFox

Jun 09, 2020

I am working on a project in Captivate 2019. I hid the play bar in Skin Editor and published my content as HTML 5.  I then inserted the published Captivate file into Storyline 360 as a web-object. When I publish the content and view my project, it opens in a tab via Google Chrome, the play bar displays (which is not what should be displaying). However, when I view the same link via Firefox,  there is no play bar visible (which is how the output is set up.)

So, I downloaded the Articulate 360 Apps on Firefox. However, when I try to launch Storyline 360, it prompts me to download the apps. When I do that again (just to see the response), it tells me the apps are downloaded. 

All of the other apps open with no issues (Rise 360, Content Library 360, Articulate 360 Training, and even the Articulate 360 window that displays a view of the four applications).

Why doesn't the Storyline 360 app open via Firefox?

Thank you kindly.

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Tom Kuhlmann

Storyline is a desktop app and not dependent on the browser. Those other apps/services are web-based.

When you download the Articulate 360 app, you should see this in the tray.

You can open Storyline once it's installed.

Curious: since you have Storyline 360, what are you creating in Captivate and inserting into Storyline? Depending on what you're doing, most likely you can build it in Storyline and the process may be easier.

Vivian Deitz

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your quick response.

Oh, how I wish - it would certainly be much easier.  However, the file I have is a Captivate file that has proprietary rights. I have to use this particular file-no rebuilding or duplicating, even in Storyline. I can hide the playbar via the Skin Editor in Captivate - but absolutely no changing of the content.

The goal is to hide the playbar in the Captivate file and then use the playbar in Storyline 360.

I found the app to log in. Perfect!

Thank you, again.

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