Storyline 360 and Saba Cloud

Am having difficulty with Saba Cloud recognizing a completed course created/published via Articulate 360.  I installed the SCORM patch and that doesn't seem to make a difference. Courses have narration, a small amount of animation, no video, and are between 50 and 80 slides. The final slide has an "Exit course"  button. The Previous and Next buttons have been removed.

Ouput Option is set to SCORM 1.2 and LMS Reporting is set to (Completed/Incomplete)

I am using the Google Chrome browser.

Saba does host the course but simply indicates that it is still "In Progress" upon completion. When clicking on the LAUNCH button to complete the course, I am asked if I want to "Resume" and then directed back to the final slide with the exit button (which ends up being an endless circle).  The course never registers as "Complete".

Please advise.

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