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Taylor Maruca

Hello Adam,

I've seen several posts about this same issue and a lot of people have gotten it to work by changing all of the html extensions to .aspx. I've included one post below as well as some detailed instructions I found while looking into this issue. Hope this helps!

Publish to SharePoint

Step 1: Publish your course for the web

  • Publish your course for the web, making sure to include HTML5 if it is needed.
  • There is no need to Zip your course once the publish is complete.
  • Check that your course will open in your default web browser and runs as expected.

Step 2: Create your course folder on SharePoint

  • Create a folder on SharePoint to contain your published Storyline course.
  • For Storyline courses to run correctly, you need to be sure that your directory is not nested too far down within subdirectories. A Storyline course is made up of numerous small files, some of which have long filenames.
  • The use of several subdirectories (…/directory/directory/directory/directory/directory/etc.), coupled with a long Storyline created filename can cause problems when uploading files due to the filename character limits.
  • Go to your document storage area on SharePoint. Your course content must get loaded into a document library.
  • Create a folder for your course (preferably with the same course title)

Step 3: Upload your course files

  • We now need to recreate the folder hierarchy from our Storyline course publish folder, and then upload all files into this structure, making sure not to miss any files.
  • Open the course folder you created in SharePoint.
  • Upload the files from the course publish folder.
    • Click on upload.
    • Select files
    • User the Browse window to select all files listed in this folder.
  • Alternatively, you may be able to drag and drop the files from your windows explorer view into your SharePoint page. This is dependent on your SharePoint version.
  • Create a new folder entitled story_content.
  • Open the story_content
  • Upload the files from your web publish folder. You can only upload 100 files at a time, so will need to load files in batches, keeping track of what has been done, and what is still left to do.
  • Still within the story_content folder, create a slides folder
  • Upload all files into the slides folder, completing in batches if needed.
  • Create any other folders shown in your web publish folder, such as notes, and upload the files into them.

Step 4: Rename your story.html file

  • Open the story.html file in a simple content editor, such as Notepad or Adobe Dreamweaver.
  • Save the files as aspx.
  • Upload story.aspx to your SharePoint course folder.
  • Test your work by clicking on the aspx file.