Storyline 360 Audio File

Dec 12, 2017

In my Storyline file, I have a base layer with a button to play an audio file.  I created an audio layer and inserted the audio file.  I also edited the audio layer properties to hide the slide layer when the timeline finishes and selected "Yes" to allow seeking.  Finally, I configured the button on the base layer to show the audio layer when the user clicks the button.

The button works fine and plays the audio when pressed.  The user can also control the audio using the seekbar (start, pause, stop), which was my goal.

The issue is when I goes to the slide with the button, I can see, but not hear, the audio moving on the seekbar before the button is pressed.  However, I am still able to control the audio once that initial audio timeline ends.  How can I stop the premature activation of the audio on the seekbar before the button is pressed?

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