Storyline 360: Audio from saved storyline files not loading. "Loading Audio" appears and there is nothing there.

Audio is not loading when a storyline file is opened.  Where the waveform should be, it reads "audio loading."  This just began happening this week.  It's as if the Storyline audio was not saved. Also, when previewing a slide/scene, audio does not come through, however, the audio will work when posted to review 360.  Support is helping me but is anyone else having this issue?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Robert!

This issue can occur when the audio file is not saved to your local drive (C:).  This is an easy fix! You will need to access the audio on your computer and drag it to a folder in your local drive. I like to keep an "Articulate" folder on my local drive for easy access.

Go ahead and import the audio again and see if you are still receiving the error message.

Keeping our fingers crossed for you, Robert!

Robert Spurgeon

Sorry that didn't work.  Isn't the audio that is imported into the storyline files embedded in the file itself?  I'm getting the same issue on other storyline files that have been created over the past few years. 


Do you think it could be caused by an external element such as our company's security features?

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Robert!

Thanks for giving those steps a try and for that additional information!

You mention that this issue began this week, so I'm curious to know what Storyline 360 update you're using? You can find this detail by clicking on the Help tab, then About Storyline. If it's Update 30: We added a new network endpoint which could be causing the behavior you're seeing. More details here!

And brilliant move to open a case for this issue! I see you and Cleo are knee-deep in troubleshooting already, so I'll share this conversation with him as we dig deeper. Appreciate you working through this with us!

Robert Spurgeon

Hello Katie,

Come to find out, the issue had to do with our Windows Information Protection process.  The WIP was encrypting the audio and managing storyline.   Our IT department was able to adjust the permissions to the audio files that storyline was trying to communicate with.  

Thank you for your response AND all the help your time provided!