Storyline 360 Audio troubles

I'm having trouble with my text-to-speech function. Any help would be appreciated. I am showing a form on a slide and as the timeline plays, I have highlighting boxes fade in and out. I have the text-to-speech lined up exactly the way I want it and it previews in 360 just fine. However, I need to share the file in Articulate 360 review with co-workers/higher-ups making the decisions on approvals. When I publish it to Articulate 360 Review, the audio for text-to-speech isn't playing. AND for some reason, the ability to try to publish a web output or SCORM output isn't working either. Any suggestions would be helpful. 

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Sean Trabue

Hi Alyssa,

Because of another issue we've been having with Articulate, my department at my company has had to revert to the December 15, 2017 Version Update of Storyline 360.

The audio issue is only happening in Google Chrome. I've recently reverted to the version of Chrome that pre-dates the automatic playback issue. The problem is, with all of the people that typically review the training modules that we publish, it really is a problem to have to reach out and instruct everyone what to do or to use a different browser than their default (whichever it might be).

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sean, 

The other option if you need to use an older update, and still view in Google Chrome's latest update is look at adding in a user interaction on the first slide (before any audio/video) so that Google can interpret that as a user allowing media to play.

It's also good to know, that Google has started to change course on this (at least temporarily) and has rolled back the part on autoplay of audio.