Storyline 360: Best practice for page x of y display per slide?

Hi, we don't find the numbering in the menu helpful since we use Lesson numbering and our Course introduction scene uses 1 and then all numbering is out of sync and confusing. We're also not doing much branching at this time for our product training. Therefore, we would prefer to have a page X of Y on the modern player. Otherwise, I tried to use variables on the master slide to show X of Y and when published the size is extremely small on the published slide, no matter what size I set the font in the text box. Does anyone have best practices suggestions for this requirement?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Kris!

I wanted to point you to this tutorial and I've copied the relevant portion below:

The titles you see on the menu default to the scene titles and slide titles that you assigned to your slides in Story View (or in the slide thumbnail list in Normal View). You can adjust the text here in the Player Properties manager if you like. Any changes you make will not affect the titles you see in Story View or Normal View when you're working on your course, nor will the changes affect any actual text you've entered on the slides themselves.

To change a scene title or slide title on the menu, double-click a title and enter a new name.  Then press Enter on your keyboard.

Would this work?

Ren Gomez

Hi Kris,

Are you referring to trying to use the variables for slide numbers? If not, take a look and see if you can implement this in your course! It's a fast way to setup visible progress for your learners.

If you have tried this, feel free to share a file with the community but clicking the Add Attachment button in a response to see if we can offer suggestions specific to your course. If you prefer to keep it private, you can also upload your file here and I'll delete when I'm done taking a look. Let us know!