storyline 360 - bug - black screen overlaps slide in published output?

Dec 18, 2019

I have a very strange issue whereby I have created a slide and have added content. But in preview mode, and in published output, a black screen overlaps it (see screenshots below).

Any help appreciated as it's a showstopper for our project. I have also attached the file.

Here is what my slide looks like in the storyline file:

Here is what it looks like in preview mode and in published output:

Additional notes: I have a slide layer ('Page Reference') in the slide master with transparent background that has nothing in it but a text field in the upper right. This layer appears over all slides in the project. When I delete this layer it fixes the issue. However this slide layer is essential to our project so I need to understand why it's causing this bug. 

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Karen OBrien

hi Phil, thanks for responding. By deleting the bg from the standard popup feedback master, I can now tell that it's picking up the standard popup feedback master layout. But how do I change this? There doesn't seem to be any way of changing feedback master for the 'Page Reference' slide layer in the slide master?

Phil Mayor

I don't believe you can change the feedback master in the slide master. I rearely edit the blank feedback master because of this.

What you could try is creating a layer on a slide (outside of the master) assign the feedback master to a blank (may need to create this). then copy and paste it into your slide master and finally move the textbox and the triggers over.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Karen,

Thanks for explaining and sharing an image of what you are seeing in your project.

I was able to see the behavior when opening the file that you've shared here, but I was unable to replicate it in a new file.

I then imported your file into a new project and the issue is no longer present in your file. I know that doesn't answer the question, but it's hard to track down without being able to replicate. It does look like some slide masters may have been removed though.

Karen OBrien

Thanks so much Phil and Leslie!

We first tried Phil's suggestion but it didn't fix the issue. So in addition to Phil's suggested steps, we also created a new feedback master (making sure this time not to touch the blank feedback master) and deleted the old one and that solved the issue.

Good to have the second suggestion of importing the file into a new project for future issues.

However, as Phil mentioned, it is probably a bug of sorts that you can't change the feedback master on a slide layer in slide master.

Phil one query for you: how could you tell that the 'Page Reference' slide layer was picking up the standard popup layout from feedback master? Is it a setting that is shown somewhere, or was it more so that you were able to deduce it by looking at the contents of the feedback masters? Just curious :)

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