Storyline 360 (not a bug) - Layer properties "resume saved state" not working (solved)

Feb 12, 2018

Hi everyone,

we found a bug where the layer of a slide doesn´t resume to saved state when you revisit it. It works fine as long as you stay on the slide which contains the layer, but as soon as you go to the next slide and want to go back, it resets the layer.

Hope it get fixed soon. :)


Case number: 01260445

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Susi, 

I'm really sorry you ran into this bug, but I appreciate you bringing it to our attention! Now that we're aware of it, we can begin looking into a fix. 

For anyone else who may run into this bug in the future, here's the scoop. We're finding that an object on a slide layer does not resume it's saved state after returning from previous or succeeding slides when base slide is set to "Automatically Decide".

Until we have a fix in place, you can work around this bug by setting the revisiting properties of the base slide to "Resume Saved State" instead of using "Automatically Decide".

Thanks again for helping us squash this bug, Susi! We always appreciate everything you offer here in the forums. 😊

Susi B

Hi Alyssa,

actually I forgot to set the baselayer to reset to initial state in the demo I send you. We want everything to be resettet except this one slide.

I attached another file to my case with the original slide, it´s on the third "Resümee" layer/navigation point. I wrote second slide in the case notification but I think you can imagine which I meant. :D

Hopefully you can fix this, because we like those little interactions we build, but if the user has to do them over and over again when he wants to review the slides it could be a little annoying.

Thanks for your help and always fast answers. ♥


Susi B

Hi Ashley,

as it seems its working as it should, we just have to change the baselayer to "automatically decide" and reset or resume the layers to let them behave the way we want to. We normally reset every slide to the initial state and just wanted interactive layers to resume to the saved state when revisiting the slide.

In older versions (I think even SL2) it worked with the baselayer set to reset the state and layers to save their state so we thought it´s a bug, but we just didn´t understand the "audomatically decide" function. :) So now we got it figured out thanks to Angelo.

But funny my demo slide doesn´t work the way it should. Maybe there is still a little bug, but it depends on how you build the interactions on the layers.

Thanks again to the Articulate team for helping us as always fast and very nicely. ♥


Ruthya Krishnappa


As there been an update to this fix? I'm in a similar situation where I need to lock down the seekbar so users can't skip ahead; this also means I need to create a trigger to disable the 'next' button when timeline starts, and create a another trigger for the 'next' button to normal when the timeline ends. When I advance to the next slide, and hit previous to revisit the slide, it does not save the initial state. The next button is disabled, and so is the seekbar. I'm stuck on that slide. Is this normal or is there a variable that can fix this? Please help!

Katie Riggio

Oh no! Sorry you've come across this issue on the latest update, Jason.

I see our team is still looking into this problem, but I'd like for our Support Engineers to test your .story file so we can explore some custom approaches in the meantime. If that works for you, please use this private upload link. We'll delete the file after we have a close look!

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