STORYLINE 360 BUG long numeric variable isn't working

Apr 20, 2017


There is a bug in SL360 that doesn't allow variables to be a value over 14 digits long.  This is a problem considering I am working in a financial institution that uses 16 digit account numbers.

Part of the simulation training is setting a condition that the account number must equal the specific number. If the NumericEntry matches the condition, you can proceed  Even when you set the condition to equal the 16 digits, SL360 only allows 14 and if you press OK, it completely botches the number you enter in there and includes a decimal.  So, even if I wanted to say greater or equal then the first 14 digits, I can't.

It will however work if you use TextEntry.  I would like to know why numerical fields are only 14 digits long and why when setting a condition, SL displays some random number with only the first 4 digits remotely close.

I am attaching an example file.  

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Walt!

Sorry to hear that this variable reference has you stuck a bit. I do appreciate you sharing a file to demonstrate because I first read the issue as the learner could not input the full number needed.

Large numbers will be converted in those numeric variable references. You can read more about that here.

Since it sounds like you are not performing calculations, the text entry variable reference should fit your need.

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