Storyline 360: Button on preview different from edit

I have created a custom button from a circle and an icon. I avoided groups as per the recommendation. I put the icon in edit states. As you can see from the attached two images. The icon is centered in the circle on edit, but in the preview, it is off to the side.

How can I fix this problem?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Paris

not sure what is going on. I cut the lightbulb out as it was an icon that was made up of a few objects and saved it as a picture and put back into the oval but same issue.

I then created disabled and normal states by grouping the objects exporting as a picture and then inserting back as each state and it works as expected.

See Peek starts as disabled then when timeline reaches 2 secs changes to normal just to show it's centred. Once you created the different images and name them the states you can create the states automatically using this icon in the states tab.

I've attached the file - just worked on slide 1.