Storyline 360 captions wont appear for videos in separate browser window.

Hi folks,

I have a course I published to Review 360 in HTML5 using Chrome browser.  My intro video and captions display perfectly when set to play "in slide" using this trigger:

 SL 360 Trigger for Captions

However, my issue is that I have another 6 videos in the course which need to be played full screen so have set to play "In new browser window".  The videos launch and play fine, but I just cannot get these captions to display and these are a must.   I have tried more triggers like the attached (trigger2) but nothing I've tried has worked.. 

Is there a way to get captions to display for videos launched in a new browser window?

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Jim Beaudoin

Hello Lauren, thanks for your reply. 

No, the videos are not embedded from another URL or website, they are inserted from MP4 files using the inbuilt screen recorder.  I've since learned from that captions outside the classic or modern player are not supported in a separate browser window.  So, to get the captions to work I use the above triggers and play the video "in slide" however the video quality is not as good and is a bit grainy so I'm still researching how I can improve or maintain original video quality and still have the captions..  thanks for your support, this is a work in progress!!  :)