Storyline 360 - Change font color as slide plays

I'm bringing over information from PowerPoint into a SL360 presentation.  In PPT, I had text starting out as a pale grey and then switching to black as the audio read through the bullet points.  I've tried a few things in SL360, but have not been able to duplicate the PPT results.  I've attached a basic PPT of what I'm trying to accomplish.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Joseph Francis

One way that comes to mind would be to set 2 States for each block of text, a grey (Normal) state and a black (Black) state. On the timeline, create Cue Points for when each transition should occur. Then, set Triggers for each.

The pseudocode would be along the lines of:

When Timeline Reaches Cue Point n, change the State of Text Block n to "Black."