Storyline 360 - close button hiding items

Sep 29, 2020

Hi everyone,

I hope someone can please help.

I've attached my W.I.P file

The comprises of two slides, and the problem I encounter is on the first slide. Its a drag and drop activity, and is part of a larger game. 

To replicate the problem I'm encountering, please do the following:

1. Drag and drop the 'literary' card from the vertical scroll plane from the left hand side of the screen and drop it on card drop area, titled: 'Drag Cards here'

2. When you've dragged the literary card onto the target area it should disappear. Now click on the button titled ' View chosen cards' button.

3. When you've clicked on the 'View chosen cards' button a layer will pop up on screen showing you that you have chosen the 'literary' card. Now click on the close button (X), to hide this layer.

4. Now try clicking on the ' View chosen cards' button again, notice though the 'literary card' has disappeared (its hidden state again). This shouldn't happen you'll see the literary counter on screen has got a value of '1'. The variable I have set up basically says, if the literary counter is equal to 1, then display 'the chosen 'literary card' on the layer that pop ups on slide 1. 

How and why is the literary card disappearing, if the counter is still equal to 1? This problem occurs for all of the cards currently in eth vertical scroll plane.

Any help with the above would be appreciated.

Many thanks,



Note, I did set up slide triggers for all of the counters to be set to zero (slide 1), when the timeline starts, as I found these were not being reset when going to other slides in the full card game. 

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