Storyline 360 Completely Unusable: Crashes every time I create a trigger.

Feb 03, 2017

Is anyone else having this problem? Better yet, does anyone have a solution? I attached a brief video showing the problem.  

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Wendy Farmer

Sorry to hear that Curt, I've been testing my install of SL360 and no issues. 

Not sure what other troubleshooting you've done but I'll throw out the 

Working on a local drive

SL360 technical specs

just in case you weren't aware of these

Alternatively you can do Repair for erratic behaviour

Hope that helps - otherwise I would log a support case with the Articulate Engineers and get them to investigate for you

Curt Zilbersher

Wendy, thanks to you and Michael. In particular, your "repair for erratic behavior" link did the trick and now my issue seems to be resolved.  I did, in fact, have the Classic theme installed on my Windows 7 OS so I switched to an Aero theme and reinstalled Storyline just to be sure.  It works!  Thanks so much for your excellent support.

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